As your Fractional CFO, Velocity Business Advisors will develop a customized plan based on your individual needs. Here are some examples of expert support you can anticipate.

Budgeting & Forecasting

As a partner in your financial strategy, we not only work with you to review and understand your numbers and the economic trends, we can also assist in developing accurate budgets and forecasts. We work with you to develop sustainable goals to meet your long-term objectives.

This is developed in conjunction with your operations, sales, marketing and existing financial teams to ensure everyone is on the same path. This ensures that decisions made are in consideration of these goals. Having access to deep industry information we are able to benchmark your business and look for opportunities to optimize the value drivers to increase both profitability and company value.

Managing Outside Relationships & Projects

There are usually outside relationships and projects that are a distraction from the business. We can manage the audit process including outside auditors, compliance auditors, or even legal matters.

Velocity Business Advisors has extensive experience in managing relationship with auditors, attorneys, tax preparers, insurance, IT, bankers, and others.

Developing Key Data Tools for More Efficient Management

Our onboarding process for a regular reporting and review program is an in-depth examination of the information that is vital to your making informed and solid business decisions. We work with you and your management team to identify the key information that you need on a regular and recurring basis.

We then identify the owner and source of this information and employ technology tools to put this information at your fingertips is as near to a real time basis as is reasonably possible. We present this information to you in the manner in which you best operate (i.e. data, visual, etc.)

Develop & Execute Acquisition Strategy

As your Fractional CFO, we will delve into your growth objectives, goals and resources to help you develop a strategy for growth through acquisition. We then assist in identifying potential target companies, lead your due diligence, assist in negotiations, capital structure, financing and the closing of the deals.