When working with a Fractional CFO, a business relationship is formed. So, even as the Fractional CFO is working on an interim, project, or retainer basis, there’s an extensive knowledge of the business’s plans, goals, ideologies, and more.

Trust is also an integral portion when establishing financial foundations and Velocity Business Advisors, as your Fractional CFO, provides that trust formed from the work continuity, without burdening the overhead of the business.

Velocity Business Advisor’s Professional services offered to clients:

Financial Reporting and Reviews

  • Regular Financial Statement Review and Analysis
  • Management Review and Discussion
  • Benchmarking Analysis
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Cash Management Reviews & Cash Flow Planning
  • Review of leases and contracts as required
  • Creation and presentation of customized reporting packages

Strategic Planning, Tactical Planning and Monitoring

  • Establish Long Term Strategic Plans & Monitoring Processes
  • Consultation and Analysis of Investment Options, Financing & Structure
  • Assist in multi-disciplinary growth plans (sales, operations, etc)
  • Liaison with bankers, attorneys, vendors, insurance brokers, auditors, etc

Executive Level Involvement

  • Attend periodic meetings with Senior Management, Board, Investors
  • Advise on other areas relating to HR, sales and marketing, operations, IT, Insurance & Risk Management Transaction Services/M&A
  • Development of Acquisition Strategy
  • Identification of potential acquisition targets
  • Due Diligence and Negotiations
  • Quality of Earnings Assessment
  • Post Acquisition Integration